I had the privilege of designing the user experience and user interface for the CARAC TV channels' streaming and replay services website. The challenge was to create a seamless digital platform that would captivate viewers and enhance their entertainment experience. Leveraging a modern and user-centric approach, I crafted an intuitive interface that prioritized easy navigation and content discovery. It was a rewarding project, blending creativity with functionality to bring CARAC's content to audiences in an accessible and visually appealing manner.
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Problem & Solution
I tackled the challenge of redesigning CARAC's streaming and replay services website by focusing on three key issues: user navigation, content discovery, and brand consistency. I ensured a responsive design for various devices, categorized content for easy exploration, and optimized the streaming experience. The result is a user-friendly, visually appealing platform that not only reflects CARAC's brand but also provides viewers with an engaging and accessible way to enjoy their favorite shows and movies.

Brand Integration

Carac has a distinctive brand identity that serves as the cornerstone of our design approach. By seamlessly incorporating Carac's brand elements throughout the website, we ensure a cohesive and immersive user experience. From color schemes and typography to imagery and tone of voice, every design element reflects Carac's unique identity, reinforcing brand recognition and fostering a strong emotional connection with users.

Responsive Design

In response to the diverse needs of modern users, our design prioritizes adaptability across all devices and screen sizes. Through a responsive design framework, we ensure that the Carac streaming website delivers a consistent and optimized experience, whether accessed on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. By leveraging flexible layouts, fluid grids, and media queries, we create a seamless and intuitive interface that adapts seamlessly to the user's device, enhancing accessibility and usability.


Elevating user engagement and interaction, our design incorporates dynamic and interactive animations throughout the website. From subtle hover effects on buttons to captivating transitions between pages, these animations add depth and dimension to the user experience, making interactions more intuitive and enjoyable. By carefully choreographing motion and timing, we create a visually stimulating environment that captivates users and encourages exploration.
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