The product is an Anti-Wolf Collar. It is a cruelty-free wolf repellent, working with lights and ultrasounds. It is an innovation coming from South Africa and launching in Europe thanks to CAL French brand.
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Problem & Solution
During the CAL - Collier Anti Loup project, one of the primary challenges was to effectively communicate the brand's mission and values while providing a seamless e-commerce experience for users. To address this, I conducted thorough research to understand the target audience and their needs. By leveraging design thinking principles, I developed wireframes and prototypes that not only showcased CAL's cruelty-free products but also emphasized their importance in protecting farm animals from wolves. Collaborating closely with the web developer, we ensured that the designs were not only visually appealing but also user-intuitive, allowing for easy navigation and a hassle-free shopping experience. Through iterative testing and feedback, we were able to refine the designs to meet the client's objectives and deliver a website that effectively conveys CAL's message while driving conversions.

Handheld Experience Priority

Recognizing that breeders often have limited time to spend on desktop computers, our primary focus was on delivering a handheld experience that caters to their on-the-go lifestyle. By prioritizing mobile-first design principles, we ensured that breeders could seamlessly access CAL's website and explore its offerings conveniently from their smartphones or tablets. This approach not only enhances accessibility but also aligns with the busy schedules of our target audience, providing them with a user-friendly experience that fits seamlessly into their daily routine.

Product-centered Design

Central to our design strategy was placing the product at the forefront of the user experience. Through thoughtful information architecture and intuitive navigation, we ensured that users could easily discover and explore CAL's cruelty-free collar offerings. By emphasizing product features and benefits through clear visual hierarchy and persuasive call-to-actions, we guided users towards making informed purchasing decisions.

Engaging Blog Articles

To keep users informed and engaged, we integrated a blog section into the website, offering a platform for CAL to share updates, insights, and stories related to their mission and products. Through compelling storytelling and visually appealing layouts, we crafted blog articles that not only educate but also inspire and connect with users on a deeper level, fostering brand loyalty and trust.
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