Rebranding & Website

Partnering with 3T - Technology, Transfer & Training SA, a leading Swiss IT company with over 20 years of experience, we embarked on a journey to revitalize their visual identity and create a new website.
Lightbulb, Insight, Problem centered, Solution oriented
Problem & Solution
During the 3T - Technology, Transfer & Training SA rebranding and website development project, our primary challenge was to establish a visual identity that effectively communicated the partnership between 3T and Microsoft. To address this, we conducted in-depth research to understand both companies' branding guidelines and client expectations. By meticulously aligning the design with Microsoft's color palette and visual elements, we ensured seamless integration and enhanced brand recognition. Through iterative design iterations and close collaboration with stakeholders, we successfully developed a cohesive visual branding strategy that solidified the partnership and conveyed professionalism and trust.

Visual branding

Our focus on visual branding involved meticulous adaptation of the design to Microsoft's guidelines, ensuring seamless alignment with the brand's color palette and visual elements, thus reinforcing the partnership between 3T and Microsoft.

Blog template

To facilitate information management and ensure content relevancy, we developed blog article templates with tagging functionalities. This approach allowed for easy organization and updating of information, ensuring that users can access the latest insights and updates effortlessly.


By prominently featuring the contact form on the website, we aimed to streamline the user experience and provide users with convenient access to assistance and support whenever needed, thus enhancing overall user satisfaction and engagement.
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