3D marketplace

The first 3D marketplace promoting local, social, and ecological consumption by facilitating connections between 3D printers, 3D modelers, and their customers.
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Problem & Solution
Throughout the DIMAP - 3D Marketplace project, our primary challenge was to establish a seamless connection between makers, modelers, and customers, while promoting local, social, and ecological consumption. To address this, extensive research was conducted to understand the needs and expectations of each stakeholder group. Employing design thinking principles, I developed wireframes and prototypes aimed at facilitating efficient interactions and transactions within the marketplace. Collaborating closely with developers, we ensured that the designs not only reflected DIMAP's core values but also provided a user-friendly experience across devices. Through iterative testing and feedback loops, we iteratively refined the platform, resulting in a marketplace that fosters collaboration, sustainability, and community engagement.


Within the DIMAP platform, consumer users are empowered to explore a vast catalog of models and objects, enabling them to discover products that align perfectly with their preferences and needs. By prioritizing intuitive browsing and search functionalities, we ensure that users can effortlessly navigate the marketplace and find precisely what they're looking for, fostering a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience.


For printer users, DIMAP offers a unique opportunity to showcase their expertise and build a strong brand image by directly showcasing their previous work within the marketplace. Through dedicated profiles and customizable portfolios, printer users can highlight their skills, craftsmanship, and unique offerings, enhancing visibility and attracting potential customers.

In app purchase

Seller users benefit from streamlined selling processes facilitated by DIMAP's intuitive in-app purchase feature. With a simple and user-friendly order form, seller users can seamlessly manage sales transactions, collecting all necessary order information from consumers upfront. Additionally, the integrated rating system allows consumers to provide feedback on received products, further enhancing trust and credibility within the marketplace."
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